Weldon Owen

Meet the Team

We want to introduce you to the Red Lemon Press team. Each person on this list has a special place in our company and their own story of how they ended up working in publishing. Keep reading to find out more.

Meet_Fay Evans

Fay Evans, Editorial Assistant

I started my career in books by working in Waterstones while I was at University, and as soon as I became the Children’s Bookseller, I knew that I would work with Children’s books forever!
I stayed at Waterstones for five years, becoming the Children’s Regional Support Manager, and growing my knowledge of the Children’s book market while having the opportunity to work with a lot of great authors and publishers until I finally managed to push my way in to Editorial here at Red Lemon Press. I feel incredibly lucky to have the chance to work for such a unique and brilliant new Publisher, and I can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve got!



Meet_katie knuttonKatie Knutton, Designer

I studied graphic design at Camberwell College of Arts where I spent a lot of time concocting book-based projects for myself and designing alternative covers for my favourite novels. In my second year I was lucky enough to do work experience with Dorling Kindersley in their Children’s 10+ department where I fell in love with non-fiction publishing. After graduating, I returned to work at DK where I stayed for 5 years, working on a wide variety of children’s non-fiction titles. I’ve also braved it as a freelance illustrator and designer for the likes of BBC Magazines, Scholastic Children’s Books and Hardie Grant. It’s a real privilege to be part of the team here at Red Lemon Press at such an exciting time, I can’t wait to see our books published.



Winnie Malcolm, DesignerMeet_winnie Malcolm

I began my children’s book design career at Purnell Publishers. Since then I have worked for Octopus Books, Puffin, Act-Two and then Campbell Books at Pan Macmillan. It hasn’t all been books, as I was involved in digital game design at Act-Two.

After 11 years at Campbell, creating all kinds of novelty books for pre-school (and getting to work with some wonderful illustrators), I am now at Red Lemon Press.

I feel really excited and invigorated to be working with this talented team. The list is being built, and it’s great to see and hear about all the new and different aspects of publishing that are being incorporated that are now a part of the business.

Meet_Jon LeeJon Lee, DTP Coordinator

It took me a long time to get into publishing, with a few false starts and lousy jobs along the way, but eventually McGraw-Hill decided to give me a go, probably because the production director and I shared a love of Martin Scorcese movies rather than because I was any good. Still, I must have done something right because I spent nearly five years there working on textbooks and learning more about aberrant psychology then anyone should really know.

Over time, and several different publishers, I’ve drifted away from pure production to a more IT-focused role; messing around with management databases, archiving systems and digital publishing tools. Anyway, following some health problems I took a year out to work on one of my real passions, trying to write a role-playing game from scratch, which promptly got cancelled when the publisher won the contract to produce licensed material for Dr Who! Thankfully I somehow convinced Red Lemon to take a chance on me, and as of yet they don’t seem to have noticed that I have no idea what I’m talking about most of the time.


Laurence Richard, International Sales DirectorLaurence Richard

After my graduation in Sales & Marketing Management in France, I moved to the UK for what was initially going to be a year gap….. 20 years later, I remain happily settled in London!

My Publishing ‘journey’ started in 1995 within the Children’s department at Dorling Kindersley. Little did I know then, this first role as International Sales Assistant would lay strong foundation on understanding rights and co-edition sales, but also on all matters to do with production, contracts and much more. I was given the opportunity to manage their French reprint business, second biggest in its volume & turnover (including the wonderful Eyewitness series in joint-venture with Gallimard Jeunesse). Few years later and working my way up (in between I had moved to Mitchell Beazley, Gaia books and freelancing for a print-broker), I joined the Quarto Group at the time they had acquired Marshall Editions in 2002. I stayed put for over 8 years as Rights Director, which gave me the chance to work and connect closely with such a diversity of International Publishers across Children and Adult non-fiction.

When the opportunity came-up at Weldon Owen in 2010 to set-up an in-house dedicated rights team, I couldn’t resist taking on this new exciting challenge! I am truly grateful to be working today with a wonderful sales team, our Red Lemon Press creative team and my French colleagues at Piccolia.


Meet_Martin RodriguezMartin Rodriguez Huber, Group Latin America Sales Director

Having grown up in Spain, I always had a passion for travelling and new cultures, which at the age of 18 took me to  Austria in order to study translation and interpreting. I spent my final year as an Erasmus exchange student in London, and soon discovered that I absolutely adored this city (despite the climate) and decided to stay on. I wrote my dissertation and finished off my studies in London and decided to take on another degree in Social Sciences. Once I completed this degree, I took on a Masters in International Business and languages, which seemed to be the perfect recipe for a publishing job in rights. After several rights roles in publishing companies like Quarto, Michael O’Mara and Carlton I ended up in Kingfisher Books, where eventually I took on the role of International Rights Sales Director. Having worked at Kingfisher for nearly eight and a half exciting years, the opportunity arose to join Bonnier Publishing as Group Latin America Sales Director for Weldon Owen, Red Lemon Press, Templar, The Five Mile Press, Autumn Publishing and Piccolia and I’m now proudly promoting our books in one of the most fascinating parts of the world: Latin America!


Ellen Towell, Sales Manager (North America)Meet_Eleen Towell

I love visualizing what a book can be before it actually exists, as well as connecting with others over a passion for books. My career in US publishing has extended from fiction editor for an undergraduate publication at Yale University, to Advertising and Publicity Director of North Point Press, a quality literary press, to Marketing and Subsidiary Rights Director. From there I launched Whereabouts Press, a book publishing company specializing in international fiction for travelers, and published some of the best writers from countries around the world in our anthologies. After working at the Karel/Dutton Group, providing sales representation for US publishers such as Abrams, Lonely Planet, Distributed Art Publishers, Tuttle, Consortium, Gibbs Smith, Walker, among others to retail accounts on the West Coast, I now have the pleasure of working with the Red Lemon Press and Piccolia teams to bring their dynamic titles to audiences in the US and Canada.

Meet_Jana RumanovaJana Rumanová, Foreign Rights Manager (Central & Eastern Europe, Russia & Baltic States)

As a child, my parents used to find me reading secretly passed bed time with a torch light under my duvet. That and my love of art helped me choose which course to do at university. After finishing a MA in Pedagogy, with a focus on literature and art (what else?), I realised that there was no better job for a person who loves books, culture, art, travelling and meeting people than working for a publishing house.

London was a bit of a happy coincidence, as I just wanted to improve my English then go back to Slovakia. But I got the opportunity to work for Quarto, and I took it. When I learnt that Bonnier Publishing were looking for a person with my skills and background it was like wooo hooo – here I am!


Meet_Maud SepultMaud Sépult, Foreign Rights Manager (France & French Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal & Latin America)

After completing a Masters in translation from ISTI in Brussels, I was somehow convinced that life would be more exciting in London. So I packed my bags and relocated here! I worked a few months as a translator for Amnesty International, but quickly realised that I needed a job where I could interact more with people. At that time, I never thought I could find a position that would combine my two passions: books and language. But with persistence and some luck, I landed a job as a rights executive at Quarto. After four years, I was ready for a new challenge and joined Bonnier Publishing in 2011. It has been an amazing journey since then and I feel truly privileged to work with all the wonderful people behind the Weldon Owen, Red Lemon Press and Piccolia titles and to represent our books across Europe and Latin America.


Meet_Karima AdiKarima Adi, Foreign Rights Manager (Scandinavia, Germany, Greece, Turkey & the Middle East)

I blame my mother’s impatience for my love of the written word. Too impatient to wait for me to be taught to read at school she decided to do so herself when I was only 4 years old. I couldn’t get enough of the stories she used to read to me. Once I understood that there was a whole industry that created the books I loved so much and that I could become a part of, my mind was made up and all my dreams of becoming Indiana Jones were banished. Having said that I couldn’t quite let go of the idea of travelling for a living so after completing a degree in Journalism I did everything I could to manoeuvre myself into a position where I could help spread the written word AND travel all at the same time. I now spend my days travelling around various parts of the world to convince foreign publishers to buy our books and make them available in their respective languages. When I’m not doing that I’m mostly scoping out new places to drink great coffee, or talking to my ever so patient colleagues about how to make the perfect cup.